Paid Training Program

We are helping people with disabilities and other barriers to work find and hold meaningful employment.

Goodwill South Florida’s Paid Training program focuses on learning new skills and maximizing abilities.

“We are excited about introducing this new paid training program for people with disabilities and other barriers to work,” said David Landsberg, President, and CEO of Goodwill South Florida. “It is just another way to show how serious we are about providing not just a job, but more importantly, hope and opportunity to a population that is often marginalized.”

The trainees attend up to six weeks of training to become sewing operators at Goodwill South Florida’s apparel manufacturing division (2121 NW 21st St., Miami, FL 33142).

Trainees receive a stipend as they successfully pass subsequent sewing tests. The classes for this program are six hours a day Monday through Thursday. Preference will be given to people with qualifying disabilities in South Florida. After completing the training program and passing a final sewing test, each trainee will be placed in a job sewing military uniforms for the United States Armed Forces.

To ensure success, once trainees are placed in jobs, program participants will continue to receive training, support, and guidance by Goodwill South Florida trainers to increase their productivity and improve skills. Goodwill South Florida is one of the most cost-effective nonprofits in the U.S. with 95 percent of its budget going directly to programs like these aimed at people with disabilities and other barriers to work.

For more information about the training program please call: 305-326-4226.