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Goodwill South Florida Business Services

Goodwill South Florida’s Business Services Divisions offer a competitive Social Entrepreneurship enterprise that offers win-win solutions for our partners and for those we serve. We use the revenue produced by these businesses to provide opportunities to place program participants into paid jobs.

We provide real jobs and real wages to people with disabilities or other barriers to work. This allows program participants and employees the opportunity to transition to independence, achieve growth and increased productivity.

Why Partner with Goodwill South Florida?

We are a partner that you can feel good about doing business with.

Goodwill South Florida achieves its mission by leveraging our Business Services Divisions to provide cost-effective, top rate business solutions to our customers.

Revenue generated through our Business Services Divisions directly supports our mission.
We provide local job opportunities to our beneficiaries, helping those who need it most.
Changing the cycle of unemployment in the community creates opportunities for employees to earn a paycheck and do a job they enjoy here at Goodwill South Florida! This drives revenue to support our mission and provide job opportunities to those we support.

Goodwill provides a self-sufficient social enterprise.

  • We feel the best kind of job training is a hands-on experience.

Our Social Enterprise approach allows us to provide over 3,000 jobs to the individuals we serve in the community. We know you’ll feel good doing the same.

Goodwill South Florida Business Services combine:

  • A diverse portfolio of established Business Services Divisions to help your company succeed.
  • Support to customers with a focus on quality, timeliness, and price to provide solutions.
  • A laser focused approach from our management team and our dedicated employees to assist your business while providing job training and opportunities to people with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

Our Divisions

Goodwill South Florida’s James A. Ryder Apparel Manufacturing Facility in Miami, FL is the premier apparel manufacturing facility in the United States. Over 1,000 people work at Goodwill South Florida and manufacture over 1,000,000 pieces of apparel and textile products each year at this facility.

We make all of our items here in America, and the resulting revenue supports employees through our mission. This allows us to provide job opportunities to people with disabilities or a barrier to employment, all while providing our customers with a quality product made with pride in manufacturing.

Goodwill South Florida is disrupting the traditional model of overseas apparel manufacturing through a skilled and trained workforce that makes “Made in America” a cost-effective approach for leading brands once again.

Through its positioning in Miami, with multiple transportation methods at the ready, your product will make it to the consumer faster than with overseas manufacturing. Considering Goodwill South Florida as a direct logistics partner, leveraging our experience in our Donated Goods Division will help to lower your shipping and distribution costs. This will get your product from paper to production to consumer faster than trends can change.

Goodwill South Florida is a national leader amongst custodial companies in the sanitation and green-based cleaning approaches, providing janitorial and custodial support services for over 120 buildings in the Miami-Dade area, totaling over 5 million square feet of area that we clean.

We also provide first-rate commercial landscaping services in the Miami-Dade area to our loyal commercial, government, and military partners. Goodwill can also provide full-scale food service operations for your company or building. All of this while creating employment opportunities for those we serve!

The Dennis Pastrana Laundry Facility is a state-of-the-art facility. The facility opened in 2013. We clean over 40 million pounds of linens and uniforms for our local hospital partners, who are excited to join in our mission to support the local community with our facility.

The Dennis Pastrana Laundry Facility, in Liberty City, provides a major investment and local job opportunities to an under-served community of Miami that Goodwill South Florida is proud to support as part of our mission.

Given the proximity to the major ports of Miami for shipping, we position Goodwill South Florida to be your partner in logistics management. With ample warehousing space, a willing workforce, extensive experience in order fulfillment, and the technology to support your business’ needs, look no further than Goodwill South Florida as your logistics partner.

Contact Us

If you would like more information on partnering with Goodwill South Florida in any of our areas of expertise, please contact the following individuals:

Medical Laundering Services

Mr. Bill Eckler Vice President, Commercial Laundry

Apparel Manufacturing, Facilities Management, and Logistics Solutions

Mr. Mark Marchioli Vice President, Business Development