The Work Services Program

Work Services Program

The Work Services program focuses on selected individuals. These individuals possess the capabilities and necessary work aptitudes, behaviors, and interests to perform in an unskilled or skilled job situation.

As the result of a specific condition(s) which impair(s) their productivity and earning capacity, or precludes them from obtaining and/or maintaining a job in the community, these individuals are still in need of individualized supervision and supportive counseling.

A principal advantage of this program at Goodwill South Florida is the large number of workstations that are available for job experience so that the participant is engaged in meaningful employment while completing his/her rehabilitation process.

The average length of time for which a participant receives Work Services in order to achieve his/her goals is 12-18 months. Some participants may require extended services or to stay in the Work Services program as an alternative to community employment because of their individual specific needs.

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