Computer Donations



Electronic Recycling in Miami: How It Works

At Goodwill South Florida, we strive to provide our donors with e-waste solutions that meet the industry’s highest standards. 

Goodwill South Florida is committed to protecting the environment and to the responsible recycling of donated electronics.

Our organization works in partnership with Dell Reconnect to make donating technology free and easy. Whenever possible, Goodwill works to extend the life of donated electronics by refurbishing and reselling the items in Goodwill stores. When electronic donations cannot be effectively refurbished, they are given to Dell Reconnect  which is responsible for providing safe, environmentally sensitive recycling and disposal that meet or exceed industry standards.

The Dell Reconnect program is a free drop-off recycling program between Dell Reconnect and Goodwill South Florida to make donating technology easy and free.

Through this partnership consumers can responsibly recycle any brand of used computer equipment in any condition at Goodwill collection sites.

We've made it easy to help the environment and create jobs in just a few easy steps:

In general, Dell Reconnect  accepts any brand of computer equipment in any condition from consumers and recycles it for free. We also accept just about anything that can be attached to a computer. Click the Dell Reconnect how to Recycle page for a complete list of what we do—and do not—accept when donating your items via Dell Reconnect.

  • Find a drop-off location.
  • Take your old computer equipment of any brand, in any condition, to one of our Goodwill locations and we'll make sure your system and accessories are refurbished or recycled responsibly.
  • Some systems in working condition are refurbished and resold through Goodwill, creating green jobs to further support Goodwill's mission of helping people with disabilities and disadvantages by providing education, training and career services.
  • Prepare your computer for donation: *IMPORTANT: Consumers who donate through Dell Reconnect are required to remove personal data from hard drives or storage media before donating to Goodwill.
  • Some items may require additional preparation before you bring them in as neither Dell Reconnect nor Goodwill is liable for data removal or protection. So make sure you back up your data and wipe your hard drive before you drop off your equipment.
  • Drop off and feel good

As part of Goodwill South Florida  standards, any equipment that cannot be refurbished or reused is given to Dell Reconnect  to be recycled responsibly by its environmental partners at locations worldwide.

Dell Reconnect has helped create jobs for people in need of work— from collecting and sorting jobs to more skilled positions — and the revenue from the recycled computer equipment supports Goodwill’s job training and employment services. This program has also allowed Goodwill program participants to manage the collection and disassembly of equipment.

Your donated equipment has value—sometimes as a whole system, sometimes as parts, and sometimes as raw materials such as metals, plastics and glass. The proceeds from your donation are all returned to Goodwill and help to support Goodwill's important mission of putting people to work. You'll get a receipt for tax purposes, plus you'll be helping to protect the environment and benefit your community at the same time!