Mission Services

Training and Placement

The Vocational Rehabilitation Services Division coordinates the mission of Goodwill South Florida. This division is essentially the reason that Goodwill exists.

Through its Vocational Rehabilitation programs, Goodwill South Florida serves thousands of individuals with disabilities and other special needs each year. These programs provide a comprehensive array of professional services in order to help people with disabilities working toward:

  • Obtaining competitive employment in the local labor market
  • Achieving financial stability
  • Pursuing personal goals, other than employment, leading to independence

All of these training and placement services occur with the guidance and support of the Goodwill rehabilitation professionals, who provide continuing case management and support services.

The Goodwill entrepreneurial divisions also provide a realistic work environment where people can grow in their skills, overcome their barriers to community placement, build a work history, and develop a set of long-term goals. This provides individuals with disabilities with the ability to improve their self-esteem and recognize their work as an individual.

Program participants face different challenges to achieve their independence; some can reach their goals in a few weeks, but for others it may take many years.

All of our programs are transitional, including those served in our entrepreneurial divisions. Our commitment to transitioning workers at their peak performance and employ an individualized plan is what makes Goodwill different from traditional schools and employers.

Goodwill Human Services Model


Our Services and Programs

Goodwill South Florida services are available regardless of race, color, sex, religion, creed or place of national origin. We will make reasonable accommodations to meet your needs for accessibility to Admissions.

Individuals eligible to participate in our programs should be eighteen years of age or older (sixteen years of age for vocational evaluation or pre-placement programs only). An individual’s medical, physical, or mental conditions should be stable. The individual should comply with all medical and psychological treatments and have a disability or disadvantaging condition such as; a developmental disability (autism, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy and epilepsy), specific learning disabilities, physical disabilities; hearing and visual impairments; or mental illness or psycho neurological disabilities.

Vocational evaluation services assist an individual in gaining self-awareness and vocational development by identifying their strengths, abilities, skills, aptitudes, work interests, transferable skills, limitations, needs and preferences. When recommending viable vocational options, the Evaluator considers medical, psychological, social, cultural, and economic information.

Pre-placement Training provides work experience and social development to people with Developmental Disabilities. This program enhances work skills and behaviors so that the participants can move upwards through other training programs available to them or advance to employment.

Training at the WAC/Adult Day Care provides work experience and social development to people with Developmental Disabilities. This program enhances work skills and behaviors so that the participants can move upwards through other programs available to them.

The Vocational Training Programs are taught by Miami-Dade County School instructors in the areas of Environmental Services, Sewing Automation, Retail/Customer Services and Adult Basic Education.

The Work Services Program is designed to provide employment opportunities within Goodwill for those participants who require the follow along and support services for a longer period of time. This provides work experience and makes it easier for the individual to be placed in competitive community employment afterward.

The Job Placement Program works with individuals who are seeking employment. This program works to improve the person’s employability skills and then match jobs in the community with the skill sets and preferences of those served.

The Supported Employment Program facilitates employment for individuals with the most significant disabilities and limitations for whom competitive employment has not occurred, or it has not been successful.

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