Apparel Manufacturing

Apparel Manufacturing

Goodwill South Florida proudly manufactures over 1,000,000 and growing pieces of apparel and textile items annually for various commercial and military customers in our Ryder Apparel Manufacturing Division.

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You can take pride in doing business with Goodwill South Florida knowing that your product is made of the utmost quality in the United States and by people who are disabled or have other barriers to employment.

Our Apparel Manufacturing Division serves a variety of military, government, and commercial customers.


Goodwill South Florida’s Ryder Apparel Manufacturing Division encompasses three buildings totaling over 170,000 square feet of available manufacturing space. The facility was dedicated in 2018.

This facility has over 2,000 light and heavy-duty sewing machines and related equipment, such as Gerber cutters, embroidery machines, etc., to support your large-scale manufacturing needs.

We are committed to providing the highest quality products to our customer while striving to meet and exceed customer’s expectations and requirements. Our goal is to achieve the highest industry standards.

We focus on quality through our certified Quality Management System and as a result, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified. This demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products that meet customer and other regulatory requirements. It allows us to increase our customer’s satisfaction by providing an effective Quality Management System that meets the most recent, stringent ISO 9001 guidelines.

Goodwill South Florida On-shoring for your production with is competitive with overseas production. We understand your market and what drives your business stateside as a local partner.

Benefits of working with Goodwill South Florida include:

  • Reduction of your time to market.
  • Decreasing your shipping and logistics costs and footprint, including offering direct-to-store shipping.
  • Allows you to be more reactive to changes in trends and product sales.
  • An easily accessible production facility located ten minutes from a major air hub, the Miami airport, and closely located to a major U.S. shipping hub, the Port of Miami.

You can feel good about supporting our mission when you partner with us!

  • Goodwill South Florida employs over 700 people in the Miami area in our Ryder Apparel Manufacturing Facility, most having a documented disability or a barrier to employment that we help them to overcome.
  • A majority of our employees are also single parents providing for their families, which we are proud to support.

Goodwill South Florida assists its workforce in attaining their goals.

  • We accomplish this through an engineering and mechanical department that  focuses on routine machine maintenance and modifying workstations.
  • These accommodations for an individual’s specific needs allows them to perform their job functions as part of the manufacturing team.
  • Due to these modifications for accommodations, we can manufacture complex items with high quality at a competitive price for our partners while meeting our social mission of providing job training and employment opportunities to those with disabilities and barriers to employment.

Goodwill South Florida works with leading major brands to manufacture high-quality commercial apparel and bags at our Miami, FL Ryder Apparel Manufacturing Facility. You expect and deserve high-quality apparel manufacturing products made by a local partner who can easily flex our production to meet your changing needs.

  • With our Made in America advantages, teaming with Goodwill South Florida is the right approach to your manufacturing challenges.

Goodwill South Florida has also partnered with socially conscious businesses to meet their manufacturing requirements.

  • Goodwill South Florida’s commercial apparel manufacturing focuses on the large scale, high order quantity needs of your company.

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Military and Government Customer

Goodwill South Florida is a leading manufacturer of complex military clothing, equipment, gear and associated items for the US Military.

  • Each item requires multiple sequential production operations with different complexities.
  • Quality is of the utmost importance to the military, and we take that challenge to heart.
Coat and trousers

Army Combat Uniform Coat & Trouser 
Goodwill South Florida manufactures the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) under an annual contract for both coats and trousers.

These classic military uniforms are worn by soldiers in the Army and, beginning in 2019, by Air Force airmen and women.

Goodwill South Florida also makes a flame-resistant version of the ACU along with a female variant for the US Army. All garments are post-treated to repel insects.


Army Combat Pant
Goodwill South Florida manufactures the Army Combat Pant (ACP) for our US Army customer.

The ACP is a rugged, complex pant meant to be worn during challenging combat environments, such as the mountainous terrain in Afghanistan.


Army Combat Shirt

Goodwill South Florida manufactures the Army Combat Shirt (ACS) for the US Army.

The ACS is a flame-resistant shirt utilizing advanced fabrics and construction techniques to be used in warm and hot weather combat environments.

It uses lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable fabrics and has seamless shoulders to reduce friction from body armor.

Women Dress Shirt and Pants

Women’s Dress Slack and Dress Shirt
Goodwill South Florida is a high-quality manufacturer of military dress clothing.

We currently manufacture Women’s Air Force Dress Slacks and Army Women’s Dress Shirts for our DLA customer.

These complex items require higher attention to detail due to their intended use.

Flag in a box

Interment Flag

Goodwill South Florida proudly manufactures the US Interment Flag for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

These flags are presented to the Gold Star families of deceased veterans who served honorably in the US military.

A Gold Star Family is the immediate family member(s) of a fallen service member who died while serving in a time of conflict.

Our support of this important mission is performed with the utmost care and deference to what the interment flag represents.