Our Mission

Our Mission

Goodwill’s mission is training, employment and job placement for people with disabilities and other barriers to work, helping individuals increase productivity and achieve greater independence while creating hope, opportunities and a place to belong.

How do we accomplish this?

DisabilityWe provide opportunities for people with physical and intellectual challenges and other barriers

Disability-15_0.pngWe help those we serve increase productivity and move towards greater independence through job training, employment and job placement.

Jobs For Everyone

South Florida has 3.7 million people who are in the employment pool in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Are you aware that 82% of disabled people do not have a job?

Disability-8_0.png457,000 people in Miami Dade and Broward counties have a Disability or Disorder.

Disability-4_0.pngThis difference can create challenges to finding and retaining work. Goodwill steps in and provides assistance.

How We Help The Community

Disability-1_0.pngGoodwill South Florida is the most influential organization in South Florida focused on helping people with disabilities and other barriers.

Disability-13_0.pngWe have nonprofit divisions that help fund our human services mission while simultaneously employing a significant number of those at Goodwill.

Disability-5_0.pngWe fulfill our mission by receiving donated goods, selling them in our stores, and running multiple nonprofit entrepreneurial businesses which fuel the organization and employ many people with disabilities and other barriers.

Disability-2_0.pngOur programs serve over 6,800 people each year, most of whom have a disability or other barrier to employment. Through evaluation and training, we place our trainees in positions in our community.

We Need Your Help

Disability-3_0.pngThe more support we have, the more people we are able to help. Goodwill South Florida still struggles with funding. Our challenges include business fluctuations, lack of support for our nonprofit vocational training programs, and acquiring enough seed money to launch new growth-focused businesses.

Get Involved

Disability-16_0.pngWe work hard to train and employ more people with disabilities and other barriers to work but we need your help.

Disability-12_0.pngOur generous donors give clothing and goods, and Goodwill receives profits from shoppers in our stores, but we need to do more

Disability-14_0.pngGoodwill South Florida is driven to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Help us make an impact today.

We need your help in order to continue to grow.

Please mail your check to:

Goodwill South Florida
Attn: Joe Hornstein
2121 NW. 21 St.
Miami, FL 33142

If you would like to be a part of the team you can donate online.

We are one of the most cost-effective nonprofits in the United States: 95% of every dollar raised goes directly towards funding programs, 5% goes to operational costs for management needs.

In 2023, Goodwill provided the following services to Constituents:

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