3rd Party Logistics Solutions

Goodwill South Florida is perfectly positioned to be your partner in logistics management.

We are located close by to the major ports of Miami for shipping, with ample warehousing space, a willing workforce, and the technology to support your business needs.

Look no further than Goodwill South Florida as your 3rd Party Logistics provider.

Goodwill provides support to your business in the following ways:

  • Warehousing and distribution operations
  • Receiving
  • Kitting, assembly and shipping goods
  • Logistics management solutions

We can support your needs with the necessary physical security, inventory management, and customer order fulfillment to address your requirements.

Utilizing a network of available logistics partners in the Carolinas, the Mid- West, Texas, and the West Coast, Goodwill South Florida can meet all of your logistics needs.

Utilize Goodwill South Florida’s 3rd Party Logistics Solutions as an efficient and cost-effective business partner to help get your product into the hands of the consumer.