Board of Directors

Board of Directors & Sr. Management

We invite you to meet the members of the Board of Directors for Goodwill South Florida, who are the guiding force behind our community.

All of the Senior Management and members on our Board of Directors are active and generous supporters of our mission at Goodwill South Florida.

Goodwill’s leadership is driven to make a difference for the individuals that Goodwill serves, ensuring adherence to the highest standards of efficiency, quality, service, ethical conduct, public accountability and transparency.


Jayne Harris Abess, Chair-Emeritus

Tomás P. Erban, Chair

Barbara L. Shrut, Vice Chair

Julie Greiner, Secretary

Rudy Kranys, Treasurer

Peter L. Bermont, Chair, Investment

Michael L. Burnstine, Chair, Business Services

Jorge A. Fernandez Ceballos, Chair, Audit

Joseph P. Lacher, Chair, Development

Charles M. Rosenberg, Chair, Governance

Edward Manno Shumsky, Chair Compensation

Irma Reboso Solares, Esq., Chair, Human Services

David Landsberg, President and CEO

Board of Directors

Mark Burstein

Carolyn Donaldson

Heather Gatley

Wifredo Gort

Brian May

George L. Pita

Rosary Plana Falero

Albert Santalo

Allison P. Shipley

Merrett R. Stierheim

Victoria E. Villalba

Board of Trustees

Sarah N. Artecona

Rodney Barreto

William Beames

Robert Bromberg

Laurence A. Deets

WIlliam Fauerbach

Gen. Douglas M. Fraser

James M. Fraser

Wilbert "Tee" Holloway

Sherrill W. Hudson

Joe Oglesby

Debra Owens

Leslie Pantin, Jr.

Jorge R. Villacampa