Keep the Music Playing

We need your goodwill to make a difference!

It takes more than our goodwill to keep up with this special and unique community. We need your goodwill to make a difference and to help us continue to focus on abilities, not disabilities, and to provide a feeling of accomplishment for those we serve. 

We invite you to join our Goodwill Giving Circle – a group of special people who choose to give people with disabilities and other barriers hope, opportunity and a real chance of belonging to a bigger community.

Our Goodwill Giving Circle are driven to making a real impact to help the 82% of people with disabilities in Miami and Broward who are of working age – and unemployed. We invite you to join our Circle and make an impact!

Giving Circle

Spirit ($1,000-1,799)
Friend ($1,800-2,499)
Dream ($2,500-4,999)
Love ($5,000-6,499)

Bronze Circle ($6,500-9,999)
Silver Circle ($10,000-14,999)
Gold Circle ($15,000-24,999)
Platinum Circle ($25,000-49,999)

Diamond Circle ($50,000-99,999)
Pillar Circle ($200,000-299,999)
Founder’s Circle ($300,000+)

If you enjoyed the film, For Once In My Life, we'd love to hear from you. We appreciate your feedback and showing us your love with a donation. Thanks for sharing your Goodwill