Adult Day Training

Work Activity Center Adult Day
Work Activity Center Adult Day
Work Activity Center Adult Day

Adult Day Training (ADT)

The Adult Day Training or ADT  in Miami and Broward are unlimited programs offering the participant carefully structured and supervised therapeutic work training, while supporting community integration.

The program involves a strong work orientation to help the participant:

  • Reach a level of independence appropriate to his/her functioning level.
  • Progress in all areas so that the participant can transfer to a higher-level training.
  • Progress to supported or competitive employment in the community.

Through close supervision, comprehensive intervention and utilizing real subcontract work or workstations throughout the Goodwill plant, warehouse, and stores, the participants are paid a competitive wage based on their productivity.

The program also addresses any needs the participants may have related to daily living, social, and personal aspects.

Through subcontract work, participants learn different plant, warehouse, and store skills such as: kitting & fulfillment, bagging, labeling, picking orders & custom packaging, shrink wrapping, heat sealing, assembly, sorting, palletizing, scanning, printing, shipping & mailing, secure packages for carrier pick-up, and the handling of returns.

The program also encourages participants to: learn the meaning of work; increase work speed; improve efficiency and quality; adopt appropriate work behaviors and habits; improve participants’ independence, living situation, self-advocacy and self-sufficiency; homemaking and transportation skills; community integration and participation; personal adjustment, communication, social skills and decision making; academic skills; increase knowledge of employment opportunities and job exploration; use of community resources and natural supports; and promotes emotional growth.

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