Commercial Laundry

Commercial Health Care Laundering Facility

Goodwill South Florida opened the Dennis Pastrana Laundry Facility in 2013.

Our extensive commercial laundry facility:

  • Cleans over 40 million pounds of linens and uniforms for our hospital partners.
  • Is custom designed to serve the healthcare and hospitality industry in South Florida.
  • Allows Goodwill to create jobs for people with disabilities and barriers to employment in the community.
  • Provides reliability and customer-driven solutions for our linen customers.

The Dennis Pastrana Laundry Facility is the foremost South Florida laundry service providing the following advantages:

  • State-of-the-art, US made equipment along with regular maintenance reduces unexpected machine down-time. When an unexpected issue arises, replacement parts are on-site within 24 hours.
  • Modern, efficient equipment allows us to reduce our costs, passing on those savings to our customers, reducing our environmental footprint in the process.
  • Continuity of operations We designed our facility to ensure that even in the worst weather, our operation will still be running.
  • We provide effective laundry management systems including linen tracking software and on-site linen vending machines.
  • Infection control is our highest priority. We continually update our safeguards to ensure cross-contamination does not occur.

Disruptions due to hurricanes are a major concern for our linen customers, and we are aware of the risk this represents. To minimize this risk, Goodwill South Florida designed the reinforced laundry building to withstand hurricanes, along with a generator capable of supporting the operation of the laundry facility when power is out, and provide access to our own well water.

We have even negotiated fuel availability contracts during severe weather and fuel shortages to ensure that the generator will work and our fleet of trucks can deliver clean linens to our customers. You can be confident that your operations will not be disrupted when the next storm arrives.

When designing our Dennis Pastrana Laundry Facility, Goodwill South Florida focused on bringing an environmentally friendly operation to the local community, being a good steward to the environment and to the customer.

  • Water Consumption. Our washers require 60% less water than other systems to operate and they also have a built-in water recycling system to help minimize the impact to the environment. This helps conserve over 10.6 million gallons of water per year.
  • Energy consumption. Prior to linens going into the dryers, a moisture extraction system removes approximately 75% of the moisture from the linens, reducing the dryer time and energy required to dry the linens. Hot water is produced using no additional energy. This is accomplished by capturing the hot exhaust air from our two high-efficiency boilers to heat the water. Our large industrial ironers also use a self-contained thermal heating system using 50% less energy to operate than older, conventional steam ironers.
  • Lighting. All lighting fixtures in our facility meet Energy Star requirements and produce better quality lighting using lower energy consumption.

Goodwill South Florida can provide you with progressive linen management capabilities.

  • Our facility uses state-of-the-art linen management software to track linen received from each healthcare facility, maintaining proper segregation, and tracking the return of the linen back to each customer.
  • We provide our customers with access to this software so they can track their linen progress in real time. We also provide linen usage and analysis services to our customers to help them find ways to lower their linen costs.

Goodwill South Florida also offers linen distribution services on-site to our healthcare providers, using two different approaches:

  1. Goodwill South Florida provides the traditional manual distribution of the linens at the hospital.
  2. We are partnering with our healthcare customers to utilize linen vending machines, providing greater accountability and tracking of linen usage by your employees, which will help to reduce your long-term costs and identify areas to improve efficiencies.