Furniture Donations

Yes, Furniture. Either Drop it off for Free or Schedule a Premium Service Pick up for a Fee.

Furniture%20Couch.jpgIf you can bring it to us, we’re always happy to receive your furniture and over-sized donations in good condition at our Goodwill stores.

Can’t bring it to us? But you need it out?

We know that sometimes you just need the convenience of getting your large, difficult to carry items out of your home and into ours.

For when you absolutely, positively need your items out, you can hire our third-party partner, ReSupply, a veteran run organization, who for a convenience fee, will handle all the details and will bring your donations to us. Any and all items accepted! All eligible items are donated while remaining items are ethically disposed of. Click the Donation Button below.

Our aim is to offer you premium service with the convenience of just one call. The pick-up fee reflects the operating costs and is much less than a usual moving company or junk hauler fees. (Fee is not tax deductible.)

  • Because of the cost of fuel, labor, equipment, insurance and other factors, it’s not possible for a nonprofit organization as large as Goodwill to provide these services and still be able to serve the people we want to serve effectively.

When bringing us your furniture, we do accept large items like furniture if it is in excellent, sellable condition in all our stores, except at our Donation Trailers also known as the Attended Donation Center’s (ADC’s) or our Store Donation Centers (SDC’s) as they are typically small and do not have enough space to store large furniture.  View Store Locations.