Goodwill Achievers

Disabilities should not limit a person’s dreams, their unique aspirations, or their desire to accomplish a goal. People with disabilities and special needs have diverse potential and each individual faces different challenges. Some individuals can achieve independence in a few weeks but for other individuals
achieving independence may take years.

All of the services provided by Goodwill are transitional, including those offering paid work experience in our entrepreneurial divisions.

Our commitment to transitioning workers at their peak performance through the application of an individualized plan is what makes Goodwill different from traditional schools and employers.

Here is where you will find the stories of the people Goodwill serves. They are the primary reason why Goodwill exists, and the essential factor that drives us daily to continue providing quality job training and opportunities, for those in need.

Thank you! Your donations and purchases are truly changing lives.

2021 Achievers


Kelly Hotaling, 53, is a resilient and determined woman with Down-Syndrome who has overcome significant challenges in her life yet risen to success. Kelly lived with her mother and older sister until early 2019, at age 50, when she decided to move to the group home where she currently resides, seeking more independence.

As a young woman, despite her many barriers to employment, Kelly was determined to graduate from high school and seek employment. She came to Goodwill seeking help and was provided with Community Supported Employment, which includes extended job coaching and counseling. With dedication and efforts, and guidance from a Goodwill job coach, Kelly has maintained employment as a part-time office clerical assistant at Atlantic Technical College, Arthur Ashe Campus in Oakland Park, Florida. Her primary job duties include sorting mail, collecting documents that need to be shredded, and weighing and stamping outgoing mail items for the entire office.

Kelly initially had fears of being unable to handle her assignments or accepting assistance from others at work, but now she has overcome that fear and is thriving. She has become a dedicated and highly reliable employee, having earned several recognitions from her supervisor and coworkers.


Andre St. Hilaire, 22, is a polite, well-mannered, soft-spoken young man with an intellectual disability who experienced an unfortunate tragedy and hurdles to overcome. Andre was involved in a serious car accident where he lost both of his parents and suffered head trauma. Since then, he has lived in a Miami Gardens group home with roommates and supportive administrators who he considers family. Today, he is thriving and overcoming challenges thanks to his excellent work ethic and determination and the help of his support system and Goodwill South Florida.

Andre was initially looking for a job but had to pause his search when the pandemic hit. Once things began to normalize, Andre decided to restart his job search and turned to Goodwill South Florida for assistance. Goodwill helped him complete online applications and provided him with in-person and virtual mock interview training.

On June 22, 2021, Andre was hired as a part-time bagger at Publix Supermarkets in Coral Way. He loves his job as a bagger and has already started taking on other duties, such as pushing carts and cleaning windows. Andre has gained the respect and admiration of his peers and his supervisor considers him one of the best employees and an example to others. Andre aspires to continue growing within Publix Supermarkets and aims to become an assistant to a Team Leader in the near future.


Farleyne Volmar, 44, is a determined and hardworking woman who has 24 years of training and work experience at Goodwill South Florida. She has experienced many challenges due to her mental and physical disabilities, but has worked hard to push beyond her barriers, proved to herself and others that she can do whatever she puts her mind to, and is now an example to her peers.

Farleyne, who lives at home with her mother and grandmother, was referred to Goodwill by Miami-Dade County Public Schools and started at the Work Activity Center (WAC), where she received daily training to increase her work skills. In February 1998, after a few months of training, she was transferred to the Work Services Program and was hired as a flag trimmer in the Flag Manufacturing Department. In January 2007, her steady progress as a trimmer and improved speed and quality of work got her promoted to the Trouser Trimming Department.

With hard work and the hands-on training she has received at Goodwill South Florida, Farleyne has overcome many barriers, gained confidence in herself and has increased her productivity at work. She is now learning to sew to become a Sewing Operator while lending her skills to the Manufacturing Department in the trimming and buttons area. Farleyne is an excellent example of how proper support and training people can be productive and effective in this world, which perfectly exemplifies Goodwill’s mission.


Ryan Brodie, 29, is a friendly and polite young man with Autism who lives with his parents and twin brother. Thanks to his thirst for learning, enthusiasm towards work, the support from his family and the guidance he has received at Goodwill South Florida, he has overcome the work barriers placed by his disability and is now an example to his peers.

Ryan began attending Goodwill South Florida's Adult Day Training (ADT) program in May of 2017, where he started by performing packing and kitting processes. In 2018, he was trained in an E-Commerce position as a Picker. He learned to locate and pull items from shelves according to single and multiple order slips, which consisted of reading a long series of numbers and letters, handling materials with care and fulfilling orders quickly and efficiently.

During his training, Ryan did such a good job that the E-Commerce Department offered him a paid part-time position as Item Picker, which he successfully holds to this day. His performance and productivity have been so exemplary that, at a departmental meeting, his manager told all employees in the department that he expected to work as productive as Ryan.

2020 Achievers


Jessica Trujillo was referred to the Goodwill School Transition Program (STP) in 2008. Despite developmental disabilities, the bilingual 33-year-old worked to improve her work-related performance and develop a positive attitude toward receiving criticism. She was often described as curious and friendly. 

Upon graduation, Jessica transferred to the Work Services Program as a team member sewing U.S. military uniforms in the Manufacturing Department. Over time, Jessica’s self-independence, job performance, and social skills improved to help her achieve personal and professional goals. She demonstrated flexibility and understanding, so much so, that she achieved full time work status. 

She was very excited for this positive change. Her father said he is extremely proud of her achievement and that she can continue working full time, which offers emotional benefits and independence. Jessica is a perfect example of not letting her limitations become a barrier to a better future. She also demonstrates the profound effects of the power of work. 


Ralph Leroy Hayes, 57, is the perfect example of the power of self-improvement. Leroy, a Pembroke Pines resident who had never been employed due to psychosis and a behavioral condition, started attending behavior modification and counseling sessions at Goodwill South Florida in April 2020. After many hours of learning employability skills, his behaviors and habits began to improve, and he applied for a position within the community. With his job coach’s assistance, Leroy was hired for a custodial position at CW Resources and began working 20 hours per week at $11.60 an hour.

At first, Leroy had a difficult time adjusting to his new work environment. But after two months of daily intervention and guidance from his Goodwill job coach, Leroy apologized to his employer for his inappropriate behavior and declared that he wanted to better himself. Shortly after, Leroy began to prove his dedication to self-improvement by showing impressive progress with his work demeanor.

Today, with the support of Goodwill and CW Resources staff, Leroy has maintained his employment and has received commendations for his progress on work productivity and positive behaviors. He says he now has more good days than bad and is happy that everybody is pleased with him.


Robert Pantaleo, 33, is a dedicated employee from Hollywood, FL. Robert started attending Goodwill Industries of South Florida’s Adult Day Training program in August 2017. Despite his autism, he focused on employability skills such as following instructions and accepting constructive criticism When a new project came into the department  that involved sorting different pieces of brand name Legos, from non-Lego brand pieces, Robert was excited and took great interest –
he even taught other workers how to differentiate the pieces. 

After being so successful with this skill, Robert began working part-time for Goodwill’s e-commerce department in March 2018. Two years later, he was officially transferred to the department as a Material Handler making $10/hour. He has shown his dedication through his love for Legos, one of the most popular brand items for customers and collectors.
As a result of his sorting expertise, Robert helped contribute to more than 1,000 sold Lego listings on the e-commerce website and assisted Goodwill Industries in bringing in over $47,000 in sales in 2020. 

Robert has learned important work habits and continues to improve. His supervisors describe him as a hard worker who is dedicated to his interests. His support system is thrilled that he has a job that he not only excels in, but also loves.


Cheryl L. Baldwin, 45, has overcome many challenges in her life, from being in foster care for 11 years to raising five children, of which three are living at home, while suffering from bipolar disorder and learning disabilities. Due to her disabilities and barriers to work, she received SSI and SSDI for many years. But, in March 2019, she was referred to Goodwill South Florida for community employment services, where she was introduced to a whole new world of
opportunities for her and her children.

After several weeks of receiving job placement services, training and counseling at Goodwill, she was presented with the opportunity to join the Baptist Aspire Program for a 12-week internship with the Surgical Team, making $12 hour, 20 hours per week. Although the fear of losing her benefits loomed over her, Cheryl took a leap of faith into the prospect of a sustainable career. After her internship completion in April 2020, Cheryl was offered a full-time job with benefits as an Operating Room Tech. Since then, she has been doing wonderfully. Cheryl’s Director of Surgical Services commented that she has become a great asset to her department. She has even shown her dedication as a frontline worker by being the first to volunteer to clean up after COVID positive surgeries.

Thanks to the training and opportunities she has received, Cheryl now has a career she loves and a way to care for her family.

2019 Achievers


Mr. Antwan Chinn, 36, was born in Miami, and he and his twin sister were raised by his mother, grandmother and uncles. He currently lives in Brownsville with his mother and other siblings. Antwan completed high school with a special diploma; he also acquired a certificate in commercial arts technology. 

Antwan was born with chronic renal failure. His right kidney did not function at birth, and he lost his left kidney in adulthood. He was also born with specific learning disabilities in reading and math. Antwan receives kidney dialysis three times per week. 

Prior to being referred to Goodwill by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Antwan had a varied work history. He worked as a security guard, a dock worker, a graphic designer, and a teacher’s office assistant. However, because of his disability and the lack of appropriate workplace accommodations, Antwan was never successful in any of these jobs.   

The Employment Specialist who was assigned to Antwan began working tirelessly to get Antwan prepared for a job. Antwan attended Pre-Employment classes at Goodwill, he was coached on interviewing skills and he attended many job fairs. Meanwhile the Employment Specialist was working to make a job match in the community.  It was also necessary for the job to be with an employer who would make accommodations for Antwan. After many searches a position was located at Regions Security as a security guard. Antwan worked to get his security guard’s license.  His employer was willing to accommodate Antwan’s work schedule so that he could still attend dialysis three times a week. Without that accommodation, Antwan could not have retained the job.  

Antwan is happy in his job and has a good outlook on his future. He is an inspiration to all.  


Ms. Felice Sabetai, 44, was born in Fort Lauderdale. She  graduated from Miami Sunset High School with a Special Diploma and lives with her father and mother.  

Felice was born with mild intellectual disability and is also diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  

Several years after high school Felice started in Goodwill’s Work Adjustment Program where she acquired the meaning, value and understanding of the world of work, and she also improved her communication with other participants. Upon completion of that program she was transferred to the manufacturing program as a bench worker where she currently remains.

Felice has benefited from counseling, constant supervision and simple instructions to learn new tasks at her own pace.  Throughout the years Felice has demonstrated dedication to her work with full compliance in the work place. 

Felice constantly tries to do her best to stay focused on each assigned task. Felice’s supervisors describe her as a cooperative and courteous person who has a pleasant attitude and has made progress in establishing good relationships with her co-workers and supervisors.  

Felice has learned good work habits and continues to improve her stress and frustration tolerance as well as gaining more self-control when facing pressures at work.   She benefits greatly from positive reinforcement, feedback and support to deal with unexpected situations or changes at work.  

One of Felice’s more recent remarkable achievements was her participation in the fashion show during the Goodwill Gala on November 19, 2019 where she was able to overcome her shyness and model with other participants in front of a large and impressive audience. We congratulate Felice on her long and enduring road to success.  

2018 Achievers


Michelle Lund is 28 years old. Michelle has a high school diploma. With no work history she enrolled in Goodwill’s placement program.

At a very young age Ms. Lund was a victim of severe physical, mental and  emotional abuse. Subsequently, at the age of 15, she was involved in a serious car accident suffering severe head trauma. Consequently Ms. Lund suffers from mood swings and severe migraines that often result in random violent outbursts.

While these challenges have been difficult for Ms. Lund, she found satisfying volunteer work at a cat rescue center and at a thrift store affiliated with her church. With some guidance from her Goodwill Employment Specialist and her weekly attendance in Goodwill’s pre-employment classes, she was able to overcome her fears of the interviewing process.

As she gained confidence, she was motivated to seek out employment opportunities and filled out applications almost daily. When called for an interview Ms. Lund would attend interviews on time regardless of her debilitating conditions.

While out shopping at a mall, she introduced herself to the manager at a restaurant located in the food court and asked about any entry level positions. The manager described the sampler position where she would be responsible for approaching customers randomly in the food court and suggesting their signature sandwich. Successfully passing the initial interview she is now thriving in the position having no fear of interacting with customers while offering them a smile and genuine hospitality.

During the peak of holiday shopping week Ms. Lund earned recognition from her manager and was named employee of the month. Ms. Lund has worked hard to overcome her fears. She enjoys her job and continues to receive support from her Goodwill Job Coach to ensure continued success on the job. We congratulate Ms. Lund on being selected as Goodwill South Florida’s Achiever of the Year.

Milena-8x10-6.jpg Milena Castillo, 53, is a mother of two adult sons from Nicaragua. She lives at home with her younger son.

In December 1992, Ms. Castillo was forced to leave her native country due to political persecution. After applying for political asylum, she obtained her  authorization for employment, but her husband had never allowed her to work.

Her husband subjected her to years of physical and psychological abuse, but Ms. Castillo remained strong.

In January of 1997 in an action that took great courage, Ms. Castillo decided to change her situation and she started looking for a job. Unfortunately Ms. Castillo had difficulty finding employment. She had no work history in the United States, no English skills, no family, two small children, no driving skills or transportation, and she was emotionally unstable and depressed.

Ms. Castillo learned about Goodwill’s programs and came in for an interview. She was subsequently evaluated and diagnosed with Post Traumatic Disorder due to a history of abuse during childhood and adulthood, Generalized Anxiety stress, depression, insomnia and pain. Based on her diagnosis Ms. Castillo’s counselor recommended that she become enrolled in the Industrial Sewing Program.

After learning how to operate the sewing machine Ms. Castillo was placed in the Manufacturing Department sewing American Flags. Her desire to become independent was her main source of motivation, and soon she started to produce a high number of flags. She also learned to drive.

With the support from counselors and supervisors, Ms. Castillo started to gain emotional and economic independence and decided to end to her marriage. Ms. Castillo learned different operations in the Flag Department and soon became a valuable operator and enrolled in English classes.

In 2008, she was offered the position as a Trainer, working one on one with people with significant disabilities who were hired in the Manufacturing Department. She successfully trained hundreds of participants for three years until she was offered a position as Quality Control Supervisor that she has been performing with great efficiency and quality ever since. Ms. Castillo continues to be a dedicated and responsible employee. She is an example of how the power of work can change lives. We are proud of her accomplishments and celebrate her journey of 22 years at Goodwill.

Congratulations Milena on being selected as Goodwill South Florida’s Achiever of the Year.

2017 Achievers

Melody.jpg Melody Esquilin, 26, lives with her parents in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. As a child, Ms. Esquilin was diagnosed with learning disabilities as well as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Admittedly while these have been challenges in her life, they have not
impeded her success. She maintained employment as a cashier at Ross Dress for Less for ten years. But Melody wanted more. She dreamed of being in the media industry.

With determination, hard work, guidance and support from her family, she pursued vocational training in media and production. A year later, Ms. Esquilin graduated with a 3.25 GPA and was awarded a television production certificate but she had difficulty landing a job in her chosen field regardless of this achievement. As she had difficulty with the application process, interviewing and finding employment, Ms. Esquilin was referred to Goodwill Industries for job placement assistance.

With guidance from her Goodwill Job Placement Specialist and participation in pre-employment coaching she was able to overcome some barriers to employment. Her Job Placement Specialist quickly initiated contacts in her chosen field even though Ms. Esquilin was adamant that she wanted to work at Channel 7 News.

Meanwhile, Ms. Esquilin and her brother created a YouTube video highlighting her video production skills and abilities and on/off camera techniques. This also helped Ms. Esquilin gain more confidence in her own abilities. The YouTube video was later incorporated as a link on her resume by the Job Placement Specialist so that a prospective employer could view Ms. Esquilin’s abilities before  interviewing her. After a year of active job development and networking with different TV channels, Ms. Esquilin secured employment with Channel 7 News in Miami as a film and video editor - her dream job.

A very talented young lady, Ms. Esquilin gained confidence with interviewing and meeting employers over time and acquired the video editor job. Ms. Esquilin was very grateful and stated, “Thank you so much for believing in me and coaching me to be a better person.” She continues to receive ongoing support from a Goodwill job coach to ensure her success on the job.

Rolando.jpg Rolando Ramirez, 40, was born in Nicaragua and lives with his father, stepmother and stepsister. Mr. Ramirez completed the 9th grade at Coral Park Senior High School and discontinued his education due to medical problems. He had diagnoses of kidney disorder, spinal problems and Mood Disorder with depressive features.

Mr. Ramirez was referred to Goodwill in March 1999. At the time he had no work experience and enrolled in the custodial vocational training program. After two months he completed the training and was hired as a custodian at the main plant.

Mr. Ramirez had a variety of health conditions that affected his attendance and production ability. These conditions affected his mood and job performance. Nevertheless, Mr. Ramirez persevered and through his strong desire to succeed he mastered the tools of his trade and excelled at his job as a custodian. He was assigned to work in an array of service contracts such as: West Flagler Building, Claude Pepper Federal Building, and Miami-Dade Bus Depot. Mr. Ramirez was then promoted to Lead Worker at the Central Bus Depot. On April 13, 2013 the bus depot contract ceased, and Mr. Ramirez was transferred to the main plant as a floor specialist.

Over the years, Mr. Ramirez has overcome many barriers to employment. His Goodwill counselor provided counseling, guidance and support services to help him improve and maintain emotional stability and improve his social skills and interpersonal relations with co-workers and supervisors.

Counselors also worked closely with Mr. Ramirez’s supervisor and offered job accommodations to facilitate achievement of his goals. On several occasions, Mr. Ramirez was provided advocacy for medical leave and to find accommodations that better fit his medical needs.

Over his 15 years at Goodwill, Mr. Ramirez has invested his time in developing his skills. His manager recognized his growth and dedication to his work and thus Mr. Ramirez was promoted to Custodian Supervisor at the main plant. He is a fine example of how hard work leads to success.

We are extremely proud of Rolando’s perseverance, tenacity and courage to overcome so many obstacles and his overall success. We congratulate Rolando on being selected as Goodwill Industries’ Achiever of the Year 2017.