A Good Summer Spent at a Goodwill Virtual Summer Camp

This summer Goodwill South Florida teamed up with the Batchelor Foundation to expand its Virtual Career Camp for Youth. This eight-week program welcomed 25 students age 14-21 from Miami and Broward County. For four weeks students attended online class where they were taught an array of work readiness, employability, leadership and technology skills. The following four weeks provided participants with job and internship application counseling and support. Upon their successful completion, the enrolled students received a free laptop computer.

The program detailed digital skills for success, career planning and advancement, employability skills, how to get a job, resume writing, interviewing skills, financial education, how to prepare for academic life after high school, leadership skills and more.

Beyond teaching basic skills to succeed it provided participants with a safe and supportive environment where they can receive the positive reinforcement and encouragement that many of them lack in their home lives. Applicant priority was given to youth in foster care programs, youth living in shelters, and youth at risk.

This program was created by Goodwill to encourage youth to dream, to work in their careers and pursue their goals. Thank you again to the Batchelor foundation and all of our program participants!