2023 Year in Review

Goodwill engages in a unique and social enterprise model, although most known for its Goodwill donation centers and retail stores, Goodwill South Florida is comprised of other entrepreneurial businesses that directly train and employ a large number of people with disabilities and barriers to employment while providing mission funding.


In Stores and Donated Goods:

  • We renewed the Bird Ludlam Store and added new flooring and paint.
  • We updated three SDC locations, giving them a brand-new look. The locations are Shenandoah, Galt Ocean, Davie Hiatus, and Sunland.
  • We hired a new Real Estate Manager.
  • We reached our revenue sales hitting sales of $91,063,409, net sales of $87,559,937.  This is 8% over LY and 5% over budget.
  • We achieved an overall secret shopping experience score of 91%.

In Custodial Services:

  • Renewed major contract with the Federal Government, GSA, which includes 9 buildings from Miami to Fort Pierce (which are the most important Courthouses of South Florida). We provide custodial and landscaping services to 2,019,094 square feet. This contract was renewed for 5 years for a total of $22,000,000, we have 70 employees working in this contract.
  • Successfully servicing 5,000,000 square feet plus 73 acres of land, to federal, state, county, and commercial accounts. Providing custodial services, landscaping, food services, and porter services to 128 buildings in South Florida.
  • Our new commercial account with Miami’s Baptist Hospital provides 11 full-time custodians and services 300,000 square feet in 5 floors of the main hospital.  A few days after we began, they requested 10 more employees to increase the account 100%.

In Philanthropy:

  • The first Office of Philanthropy was formally established. Joe Hornstein was hired as Vice President of Philanthropy.
  • Implemented a strategic fundraising plan, internal policies, and procedures Fundraising activities began in support of the retention of existing Goodwill Giving Circle donors, re-engagement with lapsed donors, and recruitment of new donors.
  • Support for Goodwill’s mission was highlighted through grants received from the Batchelor Foundation and Wells Fargo’s grant.
  • Received a lead gift to begin the renovation of the Spirit of Goodwill’s Rehearsal Hall and the construction of a new three-tiered stage.

In Service Contracts:

  • Streamlining the Hiring Process: In collaboration with Mission Services, the Service Contracts division has put in place a collaborative and comprehensive tacking tool to ensure accountability, effectiveness and continuous process improvement when interviewing, processing and hiring staff for the division.
  • We successfully renewed a major contract with the US Coast Guard for Food Prep and Custodial Services at the Opa-Locka facility for a 5-year term. The annual value of the contract is estimated at $983,470. This account employs 14 staff and 1 supervisor.
  • The division continues to pursue opportunities to grow its relationship and portfolio of services.

In Apparel Manufacturing:

  • Apparel Cash flow is approx. $1M better year of year.
  • The Army awarded us 92K Units of ACP Trousers valued at $15.5M which was not on the budget.
  • We were awarded 45K of FR ACU Trousers valued at $5.5M which was not on the budget.

In Laundry Services:

  • Continue to make head way in Linen Education module for Hospital Clients as well as taking active role in Linen committee and Linen management at facilities.
  • We accomplished the five-year renewal for Jackson Health Linen contract.
  • We renewed the Baptist health Linen contracts for three additional years in December of 2023.
  • We achieved the additional three-year certification for the HLAC until 2025.

In 3rd Party Logistics Solutions:

  • Consolidated our e-commerce operation and our commercial 3PL Division, Blue Box Solutions, in new Class A warehouse space in Miami Gardens, FL. This has created new jobs for individuals in that area and we have expanded by doubling the warehouse space.
  • The 3PL team sourced and kitted over 18,000 Law Enforcement Ensemble Kits (LEEK) for the US Army this year. This provided new kitting jobs for our workforce while providing on the job training skills to increase employability.
  • We became the recycling partner for the US Army’s clothing and textile items that are at end of life, helping to divert items from the landfill and extracting higher value, recyclable materials.
  • Our E-commerce team incorporated packaging equipment into the operation to automate and streamline the process, reducing waste and packaging materials. This provides for a lower cost, more sustainable shipping department to deliver the best value to our customers.

In Mission Services:

  • Completed a Community Needs Assessment to identify gaps. Goodwill Industries International and Broward College conducted the primary and secondary research, respectfully. The assessment’s goals identified by the agency were to increase partnerships, funding, community awareness while using data to create program and services asset mapping/gap analysis (internal & external).
  • The Division held two hiring events that attracted 632 job seekers and over 50 employers onsite. The events led to on-the-spot interviews and participants being hired and man post-event interviews.
  • The Divisional adopted a new service delivery model based on Goodwill International’s workforce development called the Opportunity Accelerator model. The model promotes consistent, high-quality services with a common framework of equitably effective mission practices across the Goodwill movement. The three phases of the model: Assess and Plan, Equip and Connect, and Launch and Evaluate.
  • Through community referrals, the Division helped facilitate 400 Thanksgiving Holiday meals to Goodwill families in need throughout Miami Dade and Broward County.

In IT:

  • Invested on increasing compute capacity while increasing efficiency through Datacenter hardware refresh. Upgraded our network infrastructure and bringing new fiber to all IDFs.
  • We increased our data resiliency and recovery. Replaced our backup system with a comprehensive data backup, recovery and business continuity solution while meeting DFARs and business requirements.
  • We continued to strengthen the security posture of our Goodwill Cloud services and on-premises infrastructure, invested on patch management automation solutions and implemented mobile device management for more than 1100 devices across multiple locations.

In Finance:

  • Increased Accounting Department staffing to ensure adequate knowledge base and responsibility overlap.  This included adding a new Controller (started in late 2023) and an Accounting Manager to oversee the day-to-day accounting function.
  • Worked with both the Apparel Manufacturing Team and the 3PL Team to create new month-end closing procedures to ensure proper accounting for all inventory flows.
  • Worked with 3PL Team to create new cycle count procedures for all 3PL inventory.
  • Started documenting all recurring tasks into a step-by-step procedure manual for the entire Finance Department.  It is expected that this project will be completed by the end of 2024.

In The Community:

  • Developed Digital marketing, Database development & Customer Relationship Management tools Implemented Visitor Management tools to develop email marketing efforts.
  •  $400K State of Florida DOE - grant to fund apparel manufacturing training.
  • New Lives Campaign launch – Digital billboards, radio, digital marketing.
  • Implemented In-Kind online Donation process to promote corporate and large volume donations.
  • Community engagement in: Holiday Angel tree, Job fairs, Campus Move Donation Drives, Employee Recognition Event, Wish book Nominees, participated in student/work exchange program.
  • Employee Recognition Event, Wish book Nominees, participated in student/work exchange program. Implemented Community Day of Service, Hosted 2nd Spirit of Goodwill Holiday Concert, South Beach Jazz Festival, FIU’s Embrace Graduation performance, Digital Youth Exploration Camp, Care & Connect event.