2022 Achiever of the Year: Kishore Abichandani



Kishore is 61 years old, born in Naga-Philippines with deafness. He also developed an anxiety disorder at a young age. He obtained a high school diploma in the Philippines and studied Introductory Accounting while living in New Jersey. With discipline and dedication, he became proficient in Microsoft applications and accounting-related programs. Before receiving employment assistance, Kishore worked as a data entry and office clerk for 20 years in California. 

Kishore came to Goodwill in need of assistance with  job placement services. He can communicate with guttural sounds and speak basic words in English.  With the use of a hearing aid device, Kishore can hear limited sounds. But these challenges did not stop, he had goals and was ready to pursue a better-paying job. He required the assistance of an ASL interpreter during job interviews, training, and communication in general. 

In 2022, Kishore began working full-time, with full benefits at Akerman Law Company. He has demonstrated exemplary dedication and effort. Rick Gutierrez, a senior supervisor at Akerman, says that Kishore has added value to the company's office operations and is always ready to assist using his technical savviness. He is highly dependable, a quick learner, and an excellent team player. In a few words, the supervisor said, "Kishore is a breath of fresh air to Akerman."

Kishore says he "is very satisfied with his job, his supervisors and overall management style, and that he appreciates the values and ethics of Akerman, as well as the professional services he received from Goodwill Staff."