Focusing on Capabilities vs. Disabilities, Goodwill Thanks It's Elected Officials & The Community

Focusing on Capabilities vs. Disabilities, Goodwill Thanks It's Elected Officials & The Community


(November 29th, 2018) – Goodwill South Florida is taking an afternoon to thank members of the community – including local elected officials, board members and other business professionals as it prepares to host a Holiday “Thank You” Community Luncheon on Dec. 6th, 2018.

The main objective of the lunch, other than to thank the members of the community for their service and support, is to create awareness on Goodwill's mission, service programs and learn how we helped over 6,400 people in the community last year. 

At this event, our guests will join David Landsberg, President, and CEO of Goodwill SFL and hear about a unique perspective that focuses on capabilities, rather than disabilities of an underemployed population, in Miami-Dade and how Goodwill is committed to being a change agent and creating hope and opportunity – one person at a time. The event will also offer a behind-the-scenes tour of this dynamic non-profit headquarters and enjoy a special performance by the award-winning Spirit of Goodwill Band that, Goodwill promises, will be the highlight of the event. David added, “We look forward for our guests to experience an innovative social enterprise, committed to being the job training leaders of people with disabilities in the community.”

About Goodwill South Florida

Goodwill South Florida, serving Miami, Broward, and Monroe counties, is the 17th largest employer in South Florida. The nonprofit’s mission is training, employment and job placement for people with disabilities and other barriers to work, helping individuals increase productivity and achieve greater independence. The agency provides disability services to 6,400 South Floridians.

Goodwill engages in a unique social entrepreneurism model that funds mission services and employment for over 3,100 persons.  Although most known for its Goodwill donation centers and retail stores, the organization’s other entrepreneurial businesses include Apparel Manufacturing, Custodial Services, and Laundry Services, which train and employ a large number of people while providing mission funding. Goodwill South Florida is one of the most cost-effective non-profits in the U.S with 96 percent of its budget going directly to programs that are aimed at people with disabilities and other barriers to work.

For more information, please visit or visit us on Facebook/GoodwillSFL or Twitter at @goodwillSFL