COVID-19: They Need Us and We Need You

2,400 Goodwill Special Workers Furloughed

We are in dire straits. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have been forced to furlough 2,400 of our workers. Many of these employees are part of the most marginalized work force, working under a triple threat of disabilities, limited work skills and living paycheck to paycheck. These characteristics make it difficult for them to find a job elsewhere.

We are in desperate need of help and we need it now.

We are a unique organization and have a special workforce. The workers we employ need us to succeed and thrive; they need a special place; with the social services and programs we provide. For them, Goodwill is their family, their livelihood, their place to belong. Where would the 7,000 people we serve be without a place like Goodwill?

As a non-profit, Goodwill cannot survive without us all uniting together.

While also seeking Federal and State relief specifically for the Coronavirus, Goodwill is asking our community to step up on a local level and donate to our Goodwill Employee Emergency fund. For every $5,000 we raise, we can provide one week's pay for 15 of our most financial neediest program participants.

Be a part of the solution and help us ensure that our neediest participants are not faced with wondering how they’re going to pay the rent or have food to eat. For them, Goodwill is a place to belong and call home.

Your Gift WILL Change Lives

Introduction Gift – Up to $1,000
Spirit – $1,000-1,499
Friend – $1,800-2,499
Dream – $2,500 -4,999
Love – $5,000-6,499
Bronze - $6,500 – 9,999
Silver – $10,000-14,999
Gold - $15,000-24,999
Platinum - $25,000-49,999
Diamond - $50,000-99,999
Leadership - $100,000-199,999
Pillar - $200,000-299,999
Founder’s -$300,000 +

Thank you for your consideration, goodwill and being part of the solution – even from home.