10-Year Anniversary of Spirit of Goodwill Band’s Documentary

10-Year Anniversary of Spirit of Goodwill Band’s Documentary

MIAMI (September 10, 2020) – This year, Goodwill South Florida celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the premiere of its inspirational and award-winning film For Once In My Life. The documentary chronicles the struggles and triumphs of a unique and diverse band of singers and musicians, with a wide range of mental and physical disabilities, who exhibit exceptional musical abilities. A deeply moving piece, the film challenges the world's perceptions of people with disabilities and what they can achieve when given an opportunity to succeed.

Goodwill South Florida, who has been serving people with disabilities for over 60 years by training and providing meaningful jobs to bring fulfillment to their lives, shares its concern about the difficult physical, economic and emotional effects COVID is having on people with disabilities, their families and the community.

“People with disabilities and their caregivers already endure many challenges in day-to-day life. The current situation has made it even harder for them to receive the positivity and support they need, which affects the mental health of both parties.” said David Landsberg, Goodwill South Florida CEO. “This film is the perfect thing to inspire perseverance and show what people, even those with disabilities, can achieve when given acceptance and support.”

In honor of the film’s 10th anniversary,  the nonprofit invites the South Florida community to experience the moving and enlightening documentary by streaming the film online through iTunes or Amazon Prime during a nationwide virtual watch party on September 18th at 7 p.m. The ‘For Once In My Life’ documentary is already available through those online channels to stream at any time.

Those who are interested in taking a deeper dive into the film’s life lessons are invited to participate in a multi-day personal growth challenge from September 14th-18th, in the 5 days leading up to the watch party. The ‘For Once in Your Life – 5-Day Challenge' challenge is a community engagement experience connecting online, for one hour or less each day, and is designed to use the lessons in the film to inspire each person to redefine their purpose, examine their mental health and analyze their impact on their community and the lives of others, especially during these difficult times.

“Our film portrays inspiring life lessons that any person could apply to their personal and professional lives,” said Lourdes De La Mata-Little, Goodwill South Florida Vice President of Marketing & Development. “We believe the human connection the film creates, ignites a deep level of engagement by sharing a positive and unifying message in the highly polarized and anxious society we are currently living in, while also sharing Goodwill's story and mission with the South Florida community.”

The 90-minute cinéma vérité-style film shows the band members' unique talents being nurtured, while their disabilities are accepted and supported. The result is an example of incredible personal growth that celebrates the greatness within each of us, regardless of our barriers and differences.

“We hope that the film continues to reach the hearts and minds of its viewers as much as it did when it first premiered a decade ago,” said Landsberg.

Due to the pandemic, the Goodwill South Florida has had to cancel their annual fundraising gala this year, so the nonprofit is looking to use this opportunity as an alternative way to shed awareness on its mission and raise much needed funds to help keep the music playing at Goodwill.

Goodwill South Florida is also proud to announce that the film will also be broadcast on PBS’s local television stations and the Health Channel in October—which is National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

Watch the trailer here Experience the film on Amazon Prime here or on iTunes here.

“The Goodwill Band is a triumph of the spirit, a celebration of overcoming the odds, and a chance to rock out with the happiest musicians on the planet…”

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“A triumphant performance…”

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Goodwill South Florida, serving Miami, Broward and Monroe counties, is the 17th largest employer in South Florida. The nonprofit’s mission is training, employment and job placement for people with disabilities and other barriers to work, helping individuals increase productivity and achieve greater independence. The agency provides disability services to over 7,000 South Floridians. Goodwill engages in a unique social enterprise model that funds mission services and employment for over 3,100 persons. Although most known for its Goodwill donation centers and retail stores, the organization’s other entrepreneurial businesses include Ryder Apparel Manufacturing, Custodial Services , Laundry Services and Third Party Logistics Solutions, which train and employ a large number of people, while providing mission funding. Goodwill South Florida is one of the most cost-effective non-profits in the U.S with 96 percent of its budget going directly to programs that are aimed at people with disabilities and other barriers to work. For more information, please visit goodwillsouthflorida.org or our newsroom and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and tags us @GoodwillSFL.


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