Store Policies & Info

Shop at Goodwill South Florida

Goodwill South Florida is a great place to find affordable clothing and unique items for your personal use, for your family or for your home.

Your shopping dollars support our mission of providing job training and job opportunities to people in the South Florida community with disabilities and other barriers to employment, and we can never thank you enough. You can shop at Goodwill in a variety of ways:

  • Stop at one of our 33 retail store locations in the Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe counties.
  • Bargain hunt from the comfort of your home at the Goodwill South Florida ShopGoodwill portal (updated daily)
  • Online through our Amazon Book Store
  • Goodwill South Florida also operates outlets where items are sold by the pound.

Every time you visit our retail stores you will find plenty of variety and special finds! We rotate our stock weekly, adding thousands of new items to our sales floor each day.

Looking for something new? Every day Goodwill South Florida introduces more than 3,500 new items in our retail stores! A consistent turnover of merchandise guarantees new bargains that you can discover in your local Goodwill South Florida store.

Goodwill South Florida gladly accepts cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover cards for payment.

Return Policy

All donated clothing, shoes and electronics may be returned to the original purchase location for store credit within seven (7) days of purchase.

  • In-store credit will be issued, no cash or credit card refunds are permitted.
  • The original sales receipt is required as proof of purchase at the time of the return.
  • Packaged items must be returned in their original packaging.
  • Store credit can only be redeemed at the store where it was issued within 30 days of the issue date.

Please note, the following items are Non-returnable:

Furniture, New Goods, Media (Records, Tapes, DVDs, CDs, cassettes, LPs), Books, Ink, Item marked As-Is, seasonal items (Halloween, Christmas), and toys.

Helping our Customers

  • A Goodwill associate will be happy to help you load any purchases into your vehicle.
    • *Please note: We can help you load purchases only if the purchase can be safely transported in your vehicle.
    • For example, Goodwill cannot help you tie an item to the roof of your car or load an item that will be sticking out of a window or trunk.
  • Goodwill is not liable for any damage or injury that results from the loading or transportation of your purchase.
  • Delivery of furniture that is purchased is not available.
  • All furniture purchases must be picked up within 24 hours. If a customer does not return within 24 hours of the purchase the furniture will be returned to the sales floor and offered for sale.
  • Store credit will be given to the purchaser of the merchandise if they return after the 24 hours hold period and the item has been resold.

Pricing and Discounting Policy

We make every effort to price our merchandise competitively. The store Manager On Duty (MOD) is not allowed to approve discounts, or change prices without authorized from the Store Manager. Items that have had the colored plastic marker or price removed will be removed from the sales floor for repricing.

Discounts cannot be combined. The “color of the week” sale offers our customers the highest discount of 50% off the item, so be sure to look for signs in the store to identify the discounted items.

Merchandise cannot be held unless a customer is actively shopping in the store. Under this circumstance, items can be held at the cash wrap. If the customer discontinues shopping and leaves the store, the items will be returned to the sales floor.

Looking for superior values? Stop by our Goodwill South Florida Outlet Centers for items that were recently featured in our retail stores that are sold by the pound. Otherwise known as a treasure hunter’s paradise, the Outlet Centers offer opportunities to find even greater bargains! One stop there, and we know you’ll be back. You’ll find clothing, shoes, books, electronics, and more.

You can stop by our two outlet locations at:

Miami Outlet
2121 N.W. 21 St.
Miami, FL 33142

Broward Outlet
2104 Commercial Blvd. Ft.
Lauderdale, FL 33309

Goodwill South Florida is your Halloween Headquarters!

Looking for that gently used costume, or better yet, a brand new one? Come to our retail stores to find all of your Halloween costume needs in one convenient location, all with prices that can’t be beat.

Feeling a little more creative? Use your imagination to put together a fun and festive costume of your own! You can be a blast from the past, a princess, a cowboy, or anything else your heart desires.

Check out our Halloween inspirations Pinterest page with photos of Halloween ideas you can find at your Goodwill South Florida retail stores, or visit our Youtube page for DIY videos!

There is no reason why you need to visit the big box pop-up Halloween retailers when you can swing by your local Goodwill South Florida store to find everything you need, including accessories such as wigs, hats, wings, makeup, etc.

Find your local Goodwill South Florida store to find your Halloween Headquarters!