Goodwill South Florida services are available regardless of race, color, sex, religion, creed or place of national origin. We will make reasonable accommodations to meet your individual needs for accessibility to the program.

Individuals eligible to participate in our programs should be eighteen years of age or older (*sixteen years of age for Vocational Evaluation or Pre-Placement programs only) and have a disability or disadvantaging condition such as:

  • Developmental disabilities (autism, cerebral palsy and epilepsy)
  • Specific learning disabilities
  • Physical disabilities
  • Hearing and visual impairment
  • Mental illness or psycho neurological disabilities

An individual's medical, physical, or mental condition should be stable, and the individual should comply with all medical and psychological treatments.

*Program applicants with a record of violent, criminal activity or applicants that are abusing drugs or alcohol are not eligible.

General Admission Criteria

The following is the general admission criteria for services at Goodwill Industries. *Please note that in addition, each program has specific admission criteria that must also be met.

Candidates for admission must:

  • Be diagnosed with a physical, mental, and/or emotional disability.
  • Be eighteen years of age or older (sixteen years old for Vocational Evaluation and Pre-Placements only) and provide proof of age at time of intake.
  • Have their own means of transportation to and from the program.
  • The ability to independently care for their personal needs (i.e. toileting, dressing, and feeding) or have their needs met through accommodation.
  • Be ambulatory or mobile non-ambulatory.
  • Be drug free.
  • Pass a toxicology report.
  • Have substance abuse in remission.
  • Have functional communication skills.
  • Have conduct not aggressive to self or others.
  • Have no history of violent behavior.
  • Have no record of violent and/or criminal activity
  • Have no acute medical or psychological conditions that could constitute a danger to self or others, or preclude the person from full participation in the program.
  • Be diagnosed free of active tuberculosis or contagious disease.
  • Comply with prescribed medical treatment and be able to self-
  • medicate. Staff is not responsible for administering medication.
  • Show a reasonable expectation that they will benefit from services and be willing to participate and accept the program goals, operating practices and rules as stated in the participants’ handbook.

Goodwill South Florida requests a criminal background check for all participants and will assume the cost. *There is no criminal background check required for Vocational Evaluations.

The following offenses are considered violent and/or criminal activity (as per the Agency for persons with Disabilities) and may exclude a person from participation:

  • Sexual crimes (i.e. rape, exposure, molestation, etc.)
  • Armed robbery
  • Any form of abuse or assault
  • Any violent crime
  • Trafficking / selling drugs

For more information contact us or call (305) 326-4226 or (305) 781-6427.

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